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Death Valley Time-lapse

In April of 2017, I was commissioned by director Anton Corbijn and Serial Productions to shoot a Sunrise to Sunset time-lapse that would be projected at the U2 Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary tour. 

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Zabriskie Point

Death Valley

The concept for this time-lapse, was that it was the same exact location where U2 photographed the cover to their Joshua Tree album. The time-lapse spanned 15 hours of time and played during the entirety of "With or Without You" on the tour. I shot with 3 Canon 5dS's, set at different variables as security, because with that many of hours of shooting- there was no room for error as it was meant to be one continuous shot. 

Scout Day. Awesome assistants.

Scout Day. Awesome assistants.

The Joshua Tree 2017 tour started in Canada and visited stadiums across North America, Europe, and Latin America summing 51 shows. The stage featured a 7.6k resolution video screen in which the time-lapse was projected, measuring 200 feet x 45 feet, making it the largest and highest resolution video screen of any concert tour, according to The Guardian. The tour grossed $317 million, making it the year's highest grossing tour globally, and received critical acclaim for the production design. 


A still at sunset from the series.

A still at sunset from the series.

My rough edit of the time-lapse. 

While I did not get any live videos from the concert of the projection, there are tons of homemade videos from this moment on You Tube.